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Beef Noodle Soup for the Soul

It was one of those days, where I really needed a hot bowl of noodles. Because carbs.




You can find my top three picks for beef noodle soup in a previous blog. King’s Noodle ranks up there for comforting bowl of noodles. It’s not the best and most Taiwanese will argue with you until they are blue in the face about which one they think is the best, but every now and then I like coming back to King’s anyway. It’s not as greasy as some others.

Service is awful. It always takes forever and it’s cash only, but I’m willing to endure it because I love it.

This time around, I was hungry enough to order some dumplings. Holy moly, they were heavenly. Drool. I still dream about them and crave them.



These house dumplings were $6 bucks and came with a sweet dipping sauce. Insides were pork and onions and so delicious.  Dinner was less than $20 for two. So cheap!! The food coma that followed was glorious. Slept off the sodium overload like a baby.



Chino Chinatown offers Asian-Latin Fusion

Chino Chinatown was a fun spot to visit on a Friday night. Plus, a visit to Trinity Groves was in order. I remembered what it looked like when the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge opened: desolate. Now, the place has transformed into the new “hot” place to go for locals. The addition of all new restaurants in the past two years is so exciting.

This restaurant is supposed to be an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant. I am all about the fusions. New York is all over the fusion scene and it’s definitely nice to see it make an appearance here. Asian foods though, is something I will always be skeptical about. My standards going in were high.


I experienced both highs and lows. To start, we tried the elotes. Now, I imagined it would come out in a cup, the usual way. Instead, it was still on the cob. Different I supposed. Definitely a lot lighter than the mayo, sour cream, Valentino sauce and cheese saturated globs I’m used to devouring. There were hints of Sriracha and lime. Buttery taste and dusted with cheese. It wasn’t bad. Wasn’t a to-die-for appetizer. Next time, I’m going for the duck fat fries. It’s been noted.

Duck Fat Fried Rice
Duck Fat Fried Rice

Next, we had the Duck Fat Fried Rice. It was delicious. Not sure what duck fat tastes like, but it was basically some bomb ass combination fried rice with chopped bbq pork, shrimp, and peas and carrots. It came with a sunny side up egg on top which was mixed in. I loved that the yolk was able to mix in with the rice. Drool. It wasn’t heavy or saturated with soy sauce, but in my eyes it was still combo fried rice that I just paid $12 for. Regardless, it was my favorite part of the meal. I wasn’t sure what part of the dish had any Latin fusion. Duck is so predominantly Asian, maybe I missed something. Maybe someone should’ve added cheese or a Latin specific vegetable instead of peas and carrots. Just a thought.

20140208-105557.jpgOur main course was the Fajita Steak Drunken Noodles. I felt there was a bit of a clash with flavors. To start, the noodles alone were very tasty. It had the the sweet and the tang, but the overload of sauce made it an overwhelmingly sweet dish. The fajita meat had a strange tangy taste that I wasn’t a fan of eating. I didnt think it went well together. The bell peppers were just a cop out for the “Latin” fusion.

A few dishes definitely don’t define this place. I love that Chino Chinatown attracts a large variety of Dallasites. From food snobs like myself to young couples, business people and even the elderly in need of a night out. I’ll be back. There’s definitely more on their menu that piqued my interest. Next: Pho-zole. Chicharrones. Seabass. I’m coming for you.

King’s Noodles warms my belly

The best place for Chinese food in Dallas is definitely debatable. Everyone has a different take on who serves the best duck, or the best fish belly soup, or the best stir-fry. King’s Noodle, on the other hand, is a favorite spot for a lot of Asian people for a quick and cheap meal that reminds them of home. Seriously. All the fobs go here. It’s definitely an indicator that this is legit. My favorite is the …

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