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Method: Caffeination and Fare

Woohoo! More coffee shops! Method Caffeination and Fare is a little off the beaten path on Ross Ave, but I think that’s what makes this place pretty cool. The venue is tiny, but cozy with an adorable outdoor patio and bar area for anyone who wants to grab a latte and chat. The front area is set up almost like a living room and there are smaller tables lined up against a wall. Since the tables are bolted to the floor, I can see it getting a little crowded if the place ever got busy.

Instead of ordering my usual latte, I tried their Lavender Latte. I’m not a fan of over sugary coffee drinks. I’m more of a cream person and I liked my latte. ┬áLavender springs are steeps in hot water and then sugar is added to create a simple syrup. The syrup is then added to the latte and is supposed to have a floral accent to it. I don’t think I caught the lavender tones, but liked my drink enough anyway. It wasn’t overly sweet and was pretty mellow. Continue reading Method: Caffeination and Fare


Favorite Coffee: Cultivar Coffee

20140522-082746-30466585.jpgI have mad love for my favorite coffee shop Sip Stir Cafe, but Cultivar‘s beans are on a whole other level. I first tried their coffee at Origin Kitchen + Bar (blog post about their fantastic creme brulee french toast here. Holla!) and I loved it. It was just… I couldn’t even…omg. Java heaven. I had their latte with their house-made vanilla syrup. Definitely enjoyed it.

Cultivar is rated one of the best coffee spots in Dallas. If you’re a caffeine snob, you either already know about this place or need to step up your game.

Impromptu Date Night in Oak Cliff

I had every intention to stay in and be lazy. That involves freeing myself from my pants the second I walked in the door, shimmying into my ugly glow-in-the-dark jammies and binging on Mad Men. But instead, I headed to the Bishop Arts and Trinity Groves district for an impromptu date night. Plus, the weather was warm enough for a dress. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

At the excited behest of one of my friends, I went to check out The Local Oak, a stones throw from the Bishop Arts District. This bar has only been open for a few months, but it’s very promising. The venue is spacious and very cute. It has this lovely rustic feel to it and their patio area is something you would want for your own backyard.

The service is ultra friendly. The place was a bit slow on a Friday, so of course they were attentive, but I think that’s what we were looking for. Just a calm atmosphere, a few drinks, and March Madness. Continue reading Impromptu Date Night in Oak Cliff

Barter is relaxed and classy

IMG_3033For a night cap, I checked out Barter. The whisky and scotch menu definitely intrigued me. For fun and for the indecisive, I went with the Bartender’s Choice.

I loved my personalized drink and it was so on point. After being asked a series of questions, I waited patiently for my craft cocktail.

IMG_3035I had a Whisky Flip. Creme de coco, egg, simple syrup, rye whisky, lemon juice and Ango Stura bitters. I am not a fan of super sweet drinks and I loved the subtlety of the whisky and appreciated the slight tang. Think middle point between something as sweet as an Old Fashion, but not as zippy as a Whisky Sour.

The fact that there was an egg in my drink and how perfect it was, was pretty amazing. Like, how did he know!?!?! I’ll be back. I want another and another and another…

Like your coffee black? Hario Pour Over @ Sip Stir Cafe

Deep Fried Minute Review:I’m a coffee fiend!!! I love all kinds of coffees, but I am not at a point where I’ll just drink it black. I’m sure that is “the way” to drink coffee, but I need my cream and I definitely need my sugar. Either way, I love stopping at my favorite Sip Stir Cafe to try anything they’re offering. This time, I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and try their by-the-cup single brew coffee or what they call the Hario Pour over. Basically, the high end version of those Keurig single cup coffees. Same idea, cooler process. I’m no black-coffee only connoisseur, but I can appreciate the aromas of the beans and it warms you up. Definitely a must for you black soul, black only coffee drinkers. I’ll stick to my creme brulee lattes. Cheers!