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Favorite Fried Chicken Joint: Rudy’s Chicken

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite food in the world is, it would be fried chicken. And if they were to ask me where I would go for said favorite fried chicken, it would be Rudy’s.

Rudy’s is located in the heart of Oak Cliff and the last time I was there, it really was just a sketchy stand-alone shack. You ordered your 2pc dark basket from a window while standing outside. No seating, no patio and cash only.

After such a long hiatus, I finally had a chance to make it back for one heck of a cheat meal. I got 3 whole birds (legs, thighs, wings, breasts) and a fried gizzard and liver basket for my friends to try. Total to feed 9 people – $30. Cheap. Oh so wonderfully cheap.

The skin is exquisite. Crunchy, seasoned well, and quickly induces a food coma from the sodium overload. I always have an issue with their larger pieces because sometimes the flavors don’t quite get through, but for anyone and everyone, I would recommend getting wings. You get that great balance of crunchy skin and meat. Ask for extra seasoning and Rudy’s sauce. *drool* I’m still dreaming about it.



Crave for Latin Foods at Joyce and Gigi’s

Joyce and Gigi’s has been on my To-Eat list for some time now. After doing some recon, I was excited to check this place out. For over a year, I’ve driven past this place without giving it a second thought. To be honest, I thought it was some crappy Asian fast food restaurant because the red and yellow signage reminded me of Lover’s Eggrolls. Whoops! Anyway, the reviews and the menu sounded promising and I was in the mood for something different.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out on a double date, so I thought Joyce and Gigi’s would be a great spot to check out. So who better to invite then my own favorite Guatemalan, Esteban and my really good friend Claire. The restaurant is owned by a mother and daughter and it offers a mix of Argentinian, Bolivian and Peruvian inspired dishes so I hoped he could help me validate with his taste buds if this was a solid joint. (Not that Guatemalan is the same as all South American foods, but there are similarities).

Joyce and Gigi’s is located right next to the Method  coffee shop. It’s a very strange location hidden between a random neighborhood and “the hood” off Ross and Hall St. There isn’t much of parking lot, so we had to valet our cars and hope none of them would go missing later.

The restaurant is super cute on the inside. Very homey and the natural light that pours in makes it instantly likable. The bar area has this faux-kitchen feel to bring out the coziness of the dining room. It was like stepping into grandma’s home and something you wouldn’t expect at all. We were quickly seated and started perusing the menu over a few glasses of the Kaiken (Mendoza red blend wine)….

Continue reading Crave for Latin Foods at Joyce and Gigi’s

Re-Review: Origin Kitchen and Bar

In a March blog, I raved about a fantastic new brunch spot called Origin Kitchen and Bar. I loved that they serve Cultivar coffee and the menu was interesting. The venue was small, but lively and it was a place I would recommend to anyone who wanted to brunch.

After so many months, I decided to revisit and brought some good friends with me. This particular morning I just wanted something I knew was going to be delicious and wasn’t quite in the adventurous mood for something new.

Chilaquiles from Origin Kitchen and Bar
Chilaquiles from Origin Kitchen and Bar

I’m heartbroken to say, I would never recommend this place. Ever. Again. I’ve taken it off my recommendations list for sure. Continue reading Re-Review: Origin Kitchen and Bar

Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

Recently, I’ve had this obsession with Pad Woon Sen, a Thai dish made up of stir fried glass noodles (made out of beans, not glass), a variety of veggies and meat (preferably shrimp for me).

Si Lom Pad Woon Sen
Si Lom Pad Woon Sen

So I’ve been on the search for the best in Dallas and I was recommended to visit three different places: Si Lom on Oak Lawn, Ruang Thai in Plano, and Malai Kitchen in West Village. Continue reading Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

Method: Caffeination and Fare

Woohoo! More coffee shops! Method Caffeination and Fare is a little off the beaten path on Ross Ave, but I think that’s what makes this place pretty cool. The venue is tiny, but cozy with an adorable outdoor patio and bar area for anyone who wants to grab a latte and chat. The front area is set up almost like a living room and there are smaller tables lined up against a wall. Since the tables are bolted to the floor, I can see it getting a little crowded if the place ever got busy.

Instead of ordering my usual latte, I tried their Lavender Latte. I’m not a fan of over sugary coffee drinks. I’m more of a cream person and I liked my latte.  Lavender springs are steeps in hot water and then sugar is added to create a simple syrup. The syrup is then added to the latte and is supposed to have a floral accent to it. I don’t think I caught the lavender tones, but liked my drink enough anyway. It wasn’t overly sweet and was pretty mellow. Continue reading Method: Caffeination and Fare