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[Watch] Tricep Rope Ab Crunch

[Watch] Tricep Rope Ab Crunch

Started my PHA training and began with an ab crunch using the tricep rope to adjust the weight. As I decreased the number of reps, I added on more weights. Definitely got my heart rate up!


Front Lunge to Reverse Lunge

Watch: Front to Reverse Lunges. Killer for legs and double the work.

Watch: Abs Abs Abs

Watch: Abs Circuit. The first weighted sit up is an inspired pilates move with added weight. Apparently, one of those is the equivalent to 6 crunches. Isn’t that just more efficient? Working out upper abs and obliques here. I didn’t get a chance to add leg lifts to show you a lower ab workout to hit total abs. One minute of rope in between each set. Work it!

Push Ups w/ Bosu Ball

Watch: Push ups with bosu ball. I hate push ups but I have to do them. I was on my last set and all I wanted to do was face plant into the bosu ball. Killer exercise though. Good luck!

City Surf Fitness at KT 5K

Had so much fun trying out some workouts on these surfboards with City Surf Fitness. I imagine these are great for balance and core workouts. Started with some squats, then raised our knees toward our arms, then push ups with mountain climbers. I can’t wait to try a free class. Sorry the videos are a little dark. Hope you can see everything and maybe try them out too!

Brittany doing her thang.