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Favorite Fried Chicken Joint: Rudy’s Chicken

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite food in the world is, it would be fried chicken. And if they were to ask me where I would go for said favorite fried chicken, it would be Rudy’s.

Rudy’s is located in the heart of Oak Cliff and the last time I was there, it really was just a sketchy stand-alone shack. You ordered your 2pc dark basket from a window while standing outside. No seating, no patio and cash only.

After such a long hiatus, I finally had a chance to make it back for one heck of a cheat meal. I got 3 whole birds (legs, thighs, wings, breasts) and a fried gizzard and liver basket for my friends to try. Total to feed 9 people – $30. Cheap. Oh so wonderfully cheap.

The skin is exquisite. Crunchy, seasoned well, and quickly induces a food coma from the sodium overload. I always have an issue with their larger pieces because sometimes the flavors don’t quite get through, but for anyone and everyone, I would recommend getting wings. You get that great balance of crunchy skin and meat. Ask for extra seasoning and Rudy’s sauce. *drool* I’m still dreaming about it.



Crave for Latin Foods at Joyce and Gigi’s

Joyce and Gigi’s has been on my To-Eat list for some time now. After doing some recon, I was excited to check this place out. For over a year, I’ve driven past this place without giving it a second thought. To be honest, I thought it was some crappy Asian fast food restaurant because the red and yellow signage reminded me of Lover’s Eggrolls. Whoops! Anyway, the reviews and the menu sounded promising and I was in the mood for something different.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out on a double date, so I thought Joyce and Gigi’s would be a great spot to check out. So who better to invite then my own favorite Guatemalan, Esteban and my really good friend Claire. The restaurant is owned by a mother and daughter and it offers a mix of Argentinian, Bolivian and Peruvian inspired dishes so I hoped he could help me validate with his taste buds if this was a solid joint. (Not that Guatemalan is the same as all South American foods, but there are similarities).

Joyce and Gigi’s is located right next to the Method  coffee shop. It’s a very strange location hidden between a random neighborhood and “the hood” off Ross and Hall St. There isn’t much of parking lot, so we had to valet our cars and hope none of them would go missing later.

The restaurant is super cute on the inside. Very homey and the natural light that pours in makes it instantly likable. The bar area has this faux-kitchen feel to bring out the coziness of the dining room. It was like stepping into grandma’s home and something you wouldn’t expect at all. We were quickly seated and started perusing the menu over a few glasses of the Kaiken (Mendoza red blend wine)….

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Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

Recently, I’ve had this obsession with Pad Woon Sen, a Thai dish made up of stir fried glass noodles (made out of beans, not glass), a variety of veggies and meat (preferably shrimp for me).

Si Lom Pad Woon Sen
Si Lom Pad Woon Sen

So I’ve been on the search for the best in Dallas and I was recommended to visit three different places: Si Lom on Oak Lawn, Ruang Thai in Plano, and Malai Kitchen in West Village. Continue reading Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

New Pho Restaurant in Saigon Mall Touts Homemade Noodles

Pho is the cure all for everything. Warms you from the cold, perfect for when you’re sick, and awesome for hangovers. Regardless of my reason for craving pho post 4th of July festivities, I decided to grab lunch with a girlfriend at Noodlelicious, the new pho restaurant that took up shop where Pho Que Huong used to reside in Saigon Mall. It was their grand opening weekend.

photo 2 (1)For an appetizer, we ordered shrimp spring rolls. Pretty standard starter and it was disappointing. Like seriously…there’s only 3 ingredients in there. The roll may have been a large size, but it was 95% noodles and veggies and maybe one shrimp, cut in half. The dipping sauce wasn’t your usual peanut sauce, but I liked it. Still sweet. I just really hate it when they skimp on the shrimp! Come on, don’t cheap out on me over one shrimp! Lame.

photo 1
Regular sized pho with meatballs and flank steak

As for the pho,  they supposedly they make their own pho noodles(not confirmed, but here’s hoping), which for the most part is unheard of for most pho restaurants and I could actually taste a difference. I am not Vietnamese so I can’t truly speak to the authenticity or quality of pho, but I really liked their broth. It was clear and didn’t seem as cloudy as some broths that are overloaded with MSG. The soup and noodles were delicious and the portion for the regular size is pretty decent. At least they didn’t skimp on the noodles. I was a little disappointed that they did however skimp on the amount of meat they served though.

The service was pretty non-existent, so I’m hoping after a month or so they’ll all get their shit together. All is forgiven. Staff was friendly, but hopefully they’ll learn the ropes and are more knowledgeable about the menu. Everything just took much longer than it normally would anywhere else.  I would come back if it wasn’t so far from me. Promising. Pho was good, but they need to step up the service if they want to cater to anyone other than old Asian people.

Fancy Paletas at Steel City Pops

IMG_4328Paletas were a huge part of my childhood growing up. In addition to the creepy jingle from the ice cream trucks, the paleterros who pushed the ice cream carts with their pop stash and bells were just as welcomed. If they didn’t have a snow cone for me, I would always go for the paletas, a Latin American popsicle typically made from fruit.

My favorite flavors were always the cream based ones: coconut, creamy strawberry, or rice. I would have the occasional icey ones such as watermelon or lime, but you can’t beat that coconut.

So when Steel City Pops took the place of the old Zubar, I wasn’t sure how I felt about paying more for a childhood favorite that used to cost a dollar. Fortunately, the up charge of $2.77 a pop or 5 for $10 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was prepared for the a steep $5, old-concept-turned-trendy BS. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. And the search for paletteros were becoming more scare. I love that this place was just down the street from home. There were an array of the usual favorite flavors and quite a few adventurous ones.

For my first time, I went for my go-to: coconut and it was just as good, if not even better. Creamy. Sweet. Perfect for summer. The second flavor I tried was an fruity one, the blood orange. Sweet, slight tang. All good.

The shop is small and carries about 20 flavors. Nice porch area outside to quickly devour your popsicle before the summer heat takes it.


I’ve also had a chance to try the banana, strawberry balsamic, buttermilk, avocado, and regular strawberry. Coconut is still my favorite while the strawberry balsamic and avocado were definitely not. I’ll come back just so I can try more. This place seems to be a big summer favorite and is so close to Truck Yard. Perfect for a quick and relatively inexpensive dessert.