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Are you also a big foodie and got a mouthful to say? Or a fitness enthusiast and want to share tips, tricks, reviews or videos? Send us some stuff to chew on and get published on Deep Fried Fit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re cranking out that blog:

  • Keep it short: No more than 650 words, please.
  • Send us a short bio! Who are you? What do you do? Where did you go to school? The possibilities are endless — but be pithy.
  • Send us a picture of yourself! This is optional, but our readers love to see your shining, smiling face.
  • Know that we reserve the right to say no. We’ll tell you why though, so maybe you can fix it up.
  • Feel free to send a title along, but we reserve the right to change it (SEO things, you know). We also reserve the right to edit your piece for spelling, fluency and grammar. All major content changes will be sent back to you for approval.
  • This is not a promotional tool! Blogs advocating a person or company you are affiliated with will be rejected. If you are only writing to get your company’s link in the blog, we’ll see through it.
  • Like most blogs, we don’t pay for the content you send us. Our purpose is really just to be a conversation platform, not a business.
  • We only publish original content, unless you have explicit permission from the original publisher to share your piece with other blogs.
  • In the event you intend to submit your blog to us and several other places to see who bites, that’s fine! We know how this works, but please let us know so that if we publish we aren’t violating other sites’ copyright laws.

Want to write more than just one blog? Send us an idea for a regular column and tell us why we need your unique perspective.

This sound fun to you? Email ngo.mailyn@gmail.com


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