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Fitness Review: MoveStudio’s Beginner’s Belly Dancing Class

Belly dancing fascinates me. It’s mystery, intrigue, sensuality, confidence, and allure all wrapped up in those slinky moves I wish I could imitate. After scrolling through MoveStudio’s extensive class schedule, it took me forever to pick one. There were just so many and I wanted to try them all!

IMG_4728To face my fear again with choreographed dancing, I decided on belly dancing and begged a friend to come with me. Safety in numbers yo. Leading up to it, I felt slightly anxious, terrified, and excited. I really hoped I wouldn’t make a complete ass of myself.

About 10 people showed up to the class. Half the attendees were first timers or newbies like myself and I just felt so much more comfortable. My friend Diem showed up in her cute purple shimmy scarf for her hips and I wanted one so badly! I just wanted to jingle with everyone else. One of the regulars was nice enough to lend me her blue shimmy skirt from Egypt just so I could get the full experience. It even matched my shirt. Win!

So while I am pretty sure I was off beat more than half the time, I had to consciously tell myself to relax and enjoy it. No one is judging me. Eventually the steps came and it ended up being a lot of fun. We learned the basics of walking and slinging your hips to the side, and isolating different body parts such as your head, shoulders, chest and hips to get into the groove of belly dancing. Basically, the class was about being fierce. *snap snap*

With a beginner class like this, I’m intrigued to see what a person can learn as they advance to more intermediate and experienced levels. While what I learned were just the basics, I felt like I learned so much. I wished the class was longer!

I can be a very stiff moving person, especially when I’m overthinking each step and movement. I have a habit of getting too into my own head about it and it results in an awkward swan dance.

IMG_4725I think what I loved about this class the most after finally getting into the groove of it was the feeling of confidence you gain. Even though, I wasn’t doing everything perfectly, I felt confident and even a little sexxay! Ha.

Belly dancing is an incredibly seductive dance. I might see the occasional belly dancer performing in a hazy hookah bar now and then, but I don’t know much about it other than that. I’ve become entranced with their movements and wished I could move as beautifully as they can. Participating in this class made me feel more in awe.

The hour class felt too short. I wanted to learn more. I wish there was time for more hip movements. While looking into the mirror, I never new I could do actually mimic some of those movements. I believe that was the whole point of this challenge, to push myself and learn things that I didn’t know I could possibly do.

It’s common to hear the phrases “never say never” or “don’t knock it till you try it” or other variations of the saying. Many people, myself included, tend to use fear as an excuse to not try something new. Walked away feeling really glad I came to this class.

If you happen to be interested in taking a belly dancing class at MoveStudio, attend the drop-in classes a few times to get the basics and then keep a lookout for series or workshops to progress with lessons. Bring a friend if you are a little nervous, like I was, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

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Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

When I think of aerial silks, I think of those amazing contortionist performing for Cirque du Soleil doing all kinds of cool bendy things mid-air. So when my friend Mel invited to me check out a beginner’s aerial silks class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that I needed to channel my inner cirque du soleil performer! I’m definitely not flexy enough nor am I graceful. I’m a walking catastrophe most times, but I walked away absolutely in love with the class.


The drop-in class is only $20 and it was hosted by Lone Star Circus at Rogue Athletics in Carrollton. Upon arrival, I showed up before my friend and immediately did not like the location. I thought Rogue Atheltics looked like a dump with dim fluorescent lighting and the large room where the aerial silks class was taking place wasn’t all that impressive either. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about all of this…

I was able to lift myself into a hand stand  and complete two different basic moves. It took a few tries and lots of “What now?!!?!” and “helpppp”.

As more attendees trickled in, I noticed most of them were warming up and stretching so I followed suit. As the class began, we all did a few warm up exercises and stretches. Sitting in a circle of people who can do the splits while I can barely touch my own toes made me feel really out of place. It was actually intimidating. I kept thinking about how stiff I am and I’m definitely not flexible…so what the heck am I doing here? How am I supposed to hold myself up in the air? For a moment, I even started to wish I hadn’t come, but I had to see it through. Continue reading Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

Should I opt out of Restaurant Week?

I’m kind of torn. It’s a food event….that lasts a month! Typically, you would expect any foodie to jump on this opportunity to make anywhere between 3-6 calls for reservations and rally for some serious food adventures. I mean come on…I revere the State Fair as my unofficial holiday to be celebrated with food comas, sticky fingers, and a huge set back in my health/fitness regime. But Restaurant Week? Meh….

I read a Dallas Observer’s blog about why some restaurants would and would not participate in the charity event benefiting the North Texas Food Bank. It makes sense. They are sacrificing quality to meet quantity. With this “turn and burn” mentality to crank out any entrees as possible to make profit, of course everything is going to suffer. I’m not about that. I get really upset if I don’t like my food. It’s heartbreaking.

The past years, my experience has always been lacking. I’ve been to Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse and Stephan Pyles and I was sadly disappointed, although I am sure going during any regular Friday night it would probably blow my mind.

Whether it’s the food, the service or just the incredible let down in my expectations, I never feel satisfied when I leave. Just much poorer with the after taste of a mediocre meal.

With gratuity and drinks, the meal ends up being about $60-$70 anyway and that’s worth a decent meal alone without the prefix menu. I’d rather pay for a great entree and one drink coupled with superb service that wasn’t flustered than pay for bites of a 3-course meal. But I suppose that’s also something else you don’t think about, you’re paying for a charity too. So you go in with expectations for a $45 meal, but really it’s not worth that at all.

Restaurant Week is a pretty cool nationwide event that I am pretty sure calls out to a lot of young professionals (specifically ages 18-35). Some call us, Millennials or Generation Y. After doing much research about this somewhat misunderstood group, the big take away when it comes to behaviors is  that Millennials are willing to spend the money but are very particular on where and how they spend it. They value quality and they won’t be getting much of that if they are vying for open tables at the higher end restaurants in Dallas such as Tei-An or Pappa Bros. The much respected French Room opted out this year and FT33 refused from the get go.

This year, the only restaurant that caught my eye would be San Salvaje by Stephan Pyles, but I want my experience to be awesome. Not watered down by lower quality foods and distracted service. I can’t do that to my stomach. Sorry Foodies… you probably won’t catch me at any of those events this year.