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Favorite Fried Chicken Joint: Rudy’s Chicken

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite food in the world is, it would be fried chicken. And if they were to ask me where I would go for said favorite fried chicken, it would be Rudy’s.

Rudy’s is located in the heart of Oak Cliff and the last time I was there, it really was just a sketchy stand-alone shack. You ordered your 2pc dark basket from a window while standing outside. No seating, no patio and cash only.

After such a long hiatus, I finally had a chance to make it back for one heck of a cheat meal. I got 3 whole birds (legs, thighs, wings, breasts) and a fried gizzard and liver basket for my friends to try. Total to feed 9 people – $30. Cheap. Oh so wonderfully cheap.

The skin is exquisite. Crunchy, seasoned well, and quickly induces a food coma from the sodium overload. I always have an issue with their larger pieces because sometimes the flavors don’t quite get through, but for anyone and everyone, I would recommend getting wings. You get that great balance of crunchy skin and meat. Ask for extra seasoning and Rudy’s sauce. *drool* I’m still dreaming about it.



Chino Chinatown offers Asian-Latin Fusion

Chino Chinatown was a fun spot to visit on a Friday night. Plus, a visit to Trinity Groves was in order. I remembered what it looked like when the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge opened: desolate. Now, the place has transformed into the new “hot” place to go for locals. The addition of all new restaurants in the past two years is so exciting.

This restaurant is supposed to be an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant. I am all about the fusions. New York is all over the fusion scene and it’s definitely nice to see it make an appearance here. Asian foods though, is something I will always be skeptical about. My standards going in were high.


I experienced both highs and lows. To start, we tried the elotes. Now, I imagined it would come out in a cup, the usual way. Instead, it was still on the cob. Different I supposed. Definitely a lot lighter than the mayo, sour cream, Valentino sauce and cheese saturated globs I’m used to devouring. There were hints of Sriracha and lime. Buttery taste and dusted with cheese. It wasn’t bad. Wasn’t a to-die-for appetizer. Next time, I’m going for the duck fat fries. It’s been noted.

Duck Fat Fried Rice
Duck Fat Fried Rice

Next, we had the Duck Fat Fried Rice. It was delicious. Not sure what duck fat tastes like, but it was basically some bomb ass combination fried rice with chopped bbq pork, shrimp, and peas and carrots. It came with a sunny side up egg on top which was mixed in. I loved that the yolk was able to mix in with the rice. Drool. It wasn’t heavy or saturated with soy sauce, but in my eyes it was still combo fried rice that I just paid $12 for. Regardless, it was my favorite part of the meal. I wasn’t sure what part of the dish had any Latin fusion. Duck is so predominantly Asian, maybe I missed something. Maybe someone should’ve added cheese or a Latin specific vegetable instead of peas and carrots. Just a thought.

20140208-105557.jpgOur main course was the Fajita Steak Drunken Noodles. I felt there was a bit of a clash with flavors. To start, the noodles alone were very tasty. It had the the sweet and the tang, but the overload of sauce made it an overwhelmingly sweet dish. The fajita meat had a strange tangy taste that I wasn’t a fan of eating. I didnt think it went well together. The bell peppers were just a cop out for the “Latin” fusion.

A few dishes definitely don’t define this place. I love that Chino Chinatown attracts a large variety of Dallasites. From food snobs like myself to young couples, business people and even the elderly in need of a night out. I’ll be back. There’s definitely more on their menu that piqued my interest. Next: Pho-zole. Chicharrones. Seabass. I’m coming for you.

Last Lunch of 2013: Jonathan’s Oak Cliff

Last lunch of 2013 and it was the best!
Last lunch of 2013 and it was the best!

First of all, I am terrible at taking pictures of anything other than food. Sure I am a foodie so taking pictures of food definitely comes in handy when I cannot articulate well enough how freaking awesome something is, but I seriously get so caught up in stuffing my face, I forget to take pictures of people (Sorry Jess!).

Too damn busy burning the memory of how life changing the chicken pot pie and chicken and waffles were. When I am in that moment, please don’t talk to me. You don’t exist.

My very good friend came down to visit from New York and she had seen pictures from my first time at Jonathan’s in early December. It was the perfect place for some good food. Both of us have that same (for me yearly) “let’s get fit” resolution so why not end 2013 with a bang!? And some bangin’ chicken it was..

We both decided to tackle this conundrum called “picking only one thing off the menu” by ordering two entrees and splitting them. Best idea ever.

Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffles

The Chicken and Waffles I’ve had before and it was just mind blowing. I’m definitely more a savory person than I am sweet and this dish came with this awesome thick gravy. There was just so much flavor in it and slathered on the chicken…just so good. Each bite was a little bit of heaven. There’s a good balance in the dish. The waffle was soft and had a light sweetness. The chicken was well breaded and fried perfectly. The meat was nice and moist and not dried out. All three together and you’ve got some heaven on a plate. It’s easily the most popular dish at this restaurant.

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie

The pot pie was a pretty decent size. Not too big, not too small. There were peas, potatoes, shreds of chicken all baked to this stewy perfection. The consistency was nice and thick and it just felt like comfort in a bowl. Sorry I can’t recall more than that. Was too busy stuffing myself to think.

Jonathan’s has been on my bucket list for some time and I am so mad at myself for not going sooner. The restaurant is a house-turned-restaurant so it’s not very big. They do have an outdoor patio, but not suitable when it’s cold as hell outside. Great place for smaller parties. Good luck trying to bring a party larger than four. You’ll wait all day.

Brunch on the weekends can be very busy. If you can, I’d go during the week for lunch or dinner. The overall price range is very reasonable. I think it’s pretty cheap in my opinion and worth every penny.

Restaurant: Jonathan’s Oak Cliff
Occasion: Last lunch of 2013 and it was a good one
Address: 1111 N. Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203
Phone Number: 214-946-2221
Prices: Chicken and Waffles were $10.5 and the Pot Pie was $12. Overall pretty reasonable for the portions they give you
Parking: Parking lot is tiny. We through the back and parked in the other restaurants lot. Not too many spots.
Atmosphere: Can feel a little cramped because it is so small. Food makes it worth it.
The Verdict: GO !

Fried Chicken Galore!


So… when I have a bad day, and in this case a bad week, I eat chicken. I eat chicken when I am happy and definitely when I am stressed out. Popeye’s Tuesday special definitely hits the spot, but the best chicken in Dallas is from Rudy’s Chicken in Oak Cliff. My brother was kind enough to bring home a bada** feast of chicken wings from Rudy’s along with it’s pretty awesome Rudy’s sauce. There’s just something about the seasoning. I dub it crack chicken. The random hankering for this chicken you get sporadically is an indication of how awesome it is. Everyone must try it.

The city of Dallas just offered this ghetto fried chicken shack some money to renovate it’s run down little shack. I can’t wait to see what new additions that money can make. Hopefully there might actually be places to sit and eat as oppose to just picking up.