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Fitness Review: MoveStudio’s Nia, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga Class

I was invited by MoveStudio in North Dallas to drop by and check out a few complimentary classes. As an avid gym rat, I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore different avenues of fitness and expand my horizon. Over a 2 month period, I attended classes I would otherwise never try. This would be a great way to get out of my comfort zone, stay open-minded about the possibilities and talk about my experiences.

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Typically, I prefer to workout alone or with my trainer because I can go at a pace I am comfortable with. The alone time is also therapeutic in relieving stress and for the most part, I am in the zone. No interruptions. I also have a terrifying fear of learning choreography for dance classes. I would be so in my head about how I looked and that has kept me from joining any classes. Dance classes and even video games like Dance Central always made me so self conscious I never really wanted to try it again.

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Being Dallas Active!

This is probably one of the most active days I’ve had in a while and I am so glad I took advantage of my Saturday. The Texas weather decided to get its shit together for part of the weekend and delivered some beautiful 80 degree weather. I had to make the most of it considering that on Sunday, it’s back to 30 degree weather. Not cool.

One of the biggest recommendations my personal trainer tells me is to get my cardio in in the morning before I’ve eaten anything in order to boost my metabolism for the day. He tells me speed walking is going to help me more so than running if I do speed walking for at least 45 minutes. So since I’ve been having ankle and knee problems, I figured a nice walk would be worth my while. Missed all my running buddies, but my health comes first.

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Next up: YOGA! This was my first time doing yoga ever and it was with 641 other people on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The night before, I signed up with a couple of friends for the All Out Trinity event. Donations would go toward developing the Trinity River corridor into Dallas’ own Central Park. I am so glad to have friends that are open to new things and that love being active. We aren’t fit sexy beasts (we are just sexy beasts minus the fit), but the enthusiasm and eagerness is there and I can’t be more happy to share experiences like this with them. There were beginners, families, and the more advanced yogies out there. The energy was amazing. I love Dallas events that bring people like this together.

After a quick nap, I headed to Yucatan Beach Club in Coppell for some sand volleyball. A few beers and a few hours of back to back games. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday.

Photo credit to Jimmy Le. Thank you for taking such wonderful action yoga pics!