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Fitness Review: Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp

Dallas Fit Body BootCamp reached out to me to come check out a boot camp class before their grand opening and after some slight hesitation I decided to go for it. I’ve never liked the idea of boot camps. When I think of boot camps, I imagine sweating in the heat and getting yelled at while struggling to do pushups. It’s more like a nightmare. A nightmare with endless pushups. Ugh. ::shivers:: Forget that!

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I am not a fan of working out in the heat. I like my A/C and there’s nothing about a Dallas summer heat wave that entices me to get my butt outside and suffer through a workout. But the thing that really caught my attention to check it out is that this was an in-door boot camp so I thought I’d give it a try. The first Dallas location of the franchise moved from its Deep Ellum spot to its new location off Ross and Washington Ave. I have a feeling this sad stretch of Ross Ave. is going to become a pretty awesome place soon. Smart move, DFBB.

First Impression: The location is strange. It used to be a chiropractors office but owner Turner Cavendar has transformed it to accommodate group training sessions and even one-on-one personal training sessions. There were some final touches missing, obviously before the grand opening but it’s well on its way. There is one main room where all the bootcamp group sessions take place. The space is big enough to accommodate about 20 people. Workout equipment is stored neatly against the wall. There’s a variety of kettle bells, pull-up bars, TRX suspension gear, ropes, and more. It didn’t feel quite like a gym yet, but with all the equipment laid out, I was a little anxious to see what I would be doing for his class. Continue reading Fitness Review: Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp