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Pizza Lounge is Sofa King Awesome

Pizza Lounge is my favorite pizza joint in Dallas. Most people will rattle off a bunch of other pizzerias like Cane Rosso, Fireside Pies, Grimaldi’s and even Zoli’s as arguably the best, but in my opinion, nothing compares. Pizza Lounge is king.

The Sofa King from Pizza Lounge. It is the supreme of supreme pizzas.
The Sofa King from Pizza Lounge. It is the supreme of supreme pizzas.

I’ve been going here for many years and the flavors are still as good as the first time I dropped in. It ¬†is one of the very first places in Dallas that actually stays open past 2am and wasn’t a fast food joint. I used to stumble in here after a night of drinking to sober up with either a fantastic quarter size slice of cheese or pepperoni or with one of their special pies. The Sofa King above is what I would recommend. It’s the supreme of all supreme pizzas topped with meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, banana peppers, and probably more stuff…

Is as good when I’m a bit inebriated as it is when I’m completely sober if that counts for anything to you guys.

The restaurant is directly across from the State Fair off Perry and Exposition, so it’s a bit off the beaten path. The decor is very eccentric. ¬†Mismatched couches, chairs and tables give the restaurant that funky vibe. The crowd this place attracts can also be a bit weird too, but I guess some would just call it character. Whatevs.

Back to pizza. I love the cheese. It’s always extra stringy and gooey just the way I’d expect it to be. The crust has this perfect crunch and sweetness to it. Every friend I’ve taken with me has always complimented the awesomeness of the crust. I also prefer the tomato sauce to be sweeter. Until I find another pizza place that bests Pizza Lounge, it’ll always be my personal favorite. Got a hefty list to go through of other pizza places to try, so stay tuned.