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Method: Caffeination and Fare

Woohoo! More coffee shops! Method Caffeination and Fare is a little off the beaten path on Ross Ave, but I think that’s what makes this place pretty cool. The venue is tiny, but cozy with an adorable outdoor patio and bar area for anyone who wants to grab a latte and chat. The front area is set up almost like a living room and there are smaller tables lined up against a wall. Since the tables are bolted to the floor, I can see it getting a little crowded if the place ever got busy.

Instead of ordering my usual latte, I tried their Lavender Latte. I’m not a fan of over sugary coffee drinks. I’m more of a cream person and I liked my latte. ┬áLavender springs are steeps in hot water and then sugar is added to create a simple syrup. The syrup is then added to the latte and is supposed to have a floral accent to it. I don’t think I caught the lavender tones, but liked my drink enough anyway. It wasn’t overly sweet and was pretty mellow. Continue reading Method: Caffeination and Fare