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Fitness Review: Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp

Dallas Fit Body BootCamp reached out to me to come check out a boot camp class before their grand opening and after some slight hesitation I decided to go for it. I’ve never liked the idea of boot camps. When I think of boot camps, I imagine sweating in the heat and getting yelled at while struggling to do pushups. It’s more like a nightmare. A nightmare with endless pushups. Ugh. ::shivers:: Forget that!

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I am not a fan of working out in the heat. I like my A/C and there’s nothing about a Dallas summer heat wave that entices me to get my butt outside and suffer through a workout. But the thing that really caught my attention to check it out is that this was an in-door boot camp so I thought I’d give it a try. The first Dallas location of the franchise moved from its Deep Ellum spot to its new location off Ross and Washington Ave. I have a feeling this sad stretch of Ross Ave. is going to become a pretty awesome place soon. Smart move, DFBB.

First Impression: The location is strange. It used to be a chiropractors office but owner Turner Cavendar has transformed it to accommodate group training sessions and even one-on-one personal training sessions. There were some final touches missing, obviously before the grand opening but it’s well on its way. There is one main room where all the bootcamp group sessions take place. The space is big enough to accommodate about 20 people. Workout equipment is stored neatly against the wall. There’s a variety of kettle bells, pull-up bars, TRX suspension gear, ropes, and more. It didn’t feel quite like a gym yet, but with all the equipment laid out, I was a little anxious to see what I would be doing for his class. Continue reading Fitness Review: Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp


Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

When I think of aerial silks, I think of those amazing contortionist performing for Cirque du Soleil doing all kinds of cool bendy things mid-air. So when my friend Mel invited to me check out a beginner’s aerial silks class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that I needed to channel my inner cirque du soleil performer! I’m definitely not flexy enough nor am I graceful. I’m a walking catastrophe most times, but I walked away absolutely in love with the class.


The drop-in class is only $20 and it was hosted by Lone Star Circus at Rogue Athletics in Carrollton. Upon arrival, I showed up before my friend and immediately did not like the location. I thought Rogue Atheltics looked like a dump with dim fluorescent lighting and the large room where the aerial silks class was taking place wasn’t all that impressive either. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about all of this…

I was able to lift myself into a hand stand  and complete two different basic moves. It took a few tries and lots of “What now?!!?!” and “helpppp”.

As more attendees trickled in, I noticed most of them were warming up and stretching so I followed suit. As the class began, we all did a few warm up exercises and stretches. Sitting in a circle of people who can do the splits while I can barely touch my own toes made me feel really out of place. It was actually intimidating. I kept thinking about how stiff I am and I’m definitely not flexible…so what the heck am I doing here? How am I supposed to hold myself up in the air? For a moment, I even started to wish I hadn’t come, but I had to see it through. Continue reading Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

Fitness Review: City Surf Fitness Circuit Class

Recently, I’ve been trying to mix up my workouts and add in different classes to keep things interesting. Life as a gym rat eventually becomes tedious, so after getting a taste of what City Surf Fitness was like at the Katy Trail 5K, I asked a friend of mine to join me for a class. We decided to go for the circuit class since it sounded like something we were both looking for: strength, stability, cardio and of course a surf board.

After luckily finding a parking spot in Uptown during rush hour, I was  accosted by the delicious smell of iFratelli pizza as I walked toward the studio. I definitely had to summon some will power to not ditch the workout right then and there. How does anyone get anything done with the smell of pizzas following you everywhere!?

Sneak peak into the circuit class. Everyone is doing something different at each station.

Anyway, before walking in, I peered through the window and saw a class mid session and was slightly confused about what to do. I didn’t realize the space was so small there wasn’t really a front desk nor much of a waiting area. As more people arrived, it turns out it’s absolutely normal to wait outside a few minutes before the next class. I suppose when Uptown rent is so high, you gotta make due.

City Surf Fitness is large enough to hold maybe 15 people, at least for this class. The majority of surfers were women. Out of the lot there was only one guy. Despite that, the dude looked like he was getting one heck of a workout. There were about 10 boards laying out ready for my class to begin and with classes back to back, the set up feels a little rushed. Either way, my friend and I were greeted by our instructor Mitch who was extremely nice and got us signed up.

The first session is free and the introductory package is $25 for two weeks of unlimited classes. Definitely sounds like a fantastic introductory offer.

Since the space is small, it was a little humid in the room, thanks to the previous class working their butts off. Our class requires us to be barefoot so we stuffed our belongings in some lockers and chose a board – anxiously anticipating for whatever comes next. Wasn’t a fan of putting my feet on the floor, but hey…whatcha gonna do, right? (I did make a mental note to scrub the bottom of my feet extra hard when I got home).

Mitch explained that we would be rotating to each station/board and doing a different workout for 30 seconds each. In between each station, we would do 30 second pulsing squats, walking planks, or alternating lunges. There were 15 stations in total, 10 of which were on boards that balance on top of 3 bosu balls each (hence where the balancing comes in) and we would go through the whole circuit twice.

The class was much more intense than I expected and I loved it. It’s a class I wouldn’t particularly recommend to someone who is just starting to work out. I would say someone at a more intermediate level or at least has been working out for a while would like it . You’re working out your entire body. From arms, shoulders, butt, legs, and core, you are doing everything. There’s only one break in between the two full circuit, so you’ll definitely be sweating like crazy. I thought it was great for strength, cardio and working on balance and stability.

At first, after Mitch rattled off 15 different movements we were suppose to do, I was a little scared. How the hell was I suppose to remember all of that? But it worked out. I would either watch the person after me out of the corner of my eye or Mitch could catch the  “wtf am I supposed to do next” look on my face and guide me. He had a great radar for that “wtf look” and was fantastic, fun, and encouraging. I thought he did a great job checking on everyone and making sure they were comfortable.

One of my favorite moves on the board!

The 30 second spurts also made things go by super fast. Almost a little too fast. This 50 minute session went by so quickly. By the time we were done with our session, the next class was already encroaching and I felt rushed to get out of there and out of the way. I ended up putting my shoes on outside on a bench while trying to recoup. I think it would’ve been nice if there was a little more time between classes. I totally get that the circuit is fast-paced, but a few extra minutes explaining the class, showing some modifications on the board for a more challenging exercise, maybe some stretching, or a chance to talk to the instructor would’ve made it feel less rushed. The problem with the rush, in my opinion is making sure everyone’s form is correct to prevent injury. You kind of have to know what you’re doing in order to really take advantage, but it isn’t hard to catch on. Regardless, it was a great first experience and something I am interested in trying again.

While the introductory offer is pretty sweet, the pricing for membership is steep. A 3 month membership is $300, so this isn’t the place for to supplementally mix in with your current gym membership. This is the kind of membership where you would spend the majority of your week at, attending 4-5 classes. I also think it’s a temporary membership. You could pause your gym membership while you get your buddha boarding on for a few months and then switch back. You also have the option to drop in for $20 a class if a membership is not the route you want to go, but still want to mix it up. City Surf offers about 10 different classes according to their schedule.

Another helpful tip I would say to the interested, email surfsup@citysurffitness.com with a day and time you want to take your free class and they will hook you up. For future classes, sign up online for the class you want. Don’t bother calling. There doesn’t seem to be a receptionist. The instructors can sign you up, but no one is manning the phones when they are teaching. There are few spots and they get taken up quickly. My friend and I were lucky enough when we just showed up to have a spot in the class. I’m a fan of the workouts and intend on buying the intro pass, so stay tuned for future reviews, photos, and even video. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.