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Hey Readers! There was such a great response to my City Surf Fitness post, that I’m hosting this awesome giveaway for you guys. It’s super easy. All you have to do is like Deep Fried Fit’s Facebook page. If you’re already a fan, then your job is pretty much done. Click the link below to enter and find out how you can improve your chances of winning. Thanks so much for being such great supporters.

This is valid only at the City Surf Fitness Dallas location only. So if you live in Russia, obviously you wouldn’t be able to apply. Good luck! xoxo

Click the giveaway link to enter!

-Mai Lyn


Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

When I think of aerial silks, I think of those amazing contortionist performing for Cirque du Soleil doing all kinds of cool bendy things mid-air. So when my friend Mel invited to me check out a beginner’s aerial silks class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that I needed to channel my inner cirque du soleil performer! I’m definitely not flexy enough nor am I graceful. I’m a walking catastrophe most times, but I walked away absolutely in love with the class.


The drop-in class is only $20 and it was hosted by Lone Star Circus at Rogue Athletics in Carrollton. Upon arrival, I showed up before my friend and immediately did not like the location. I thought Rogue Atheltics looked like a dump with dim fluorescent lighting and the large room where the aerial silks class was taking place wasn’t all that impressive either. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about all of this…

I was able to lift myself into a hand stand  and complete two different basic moves. It took a few tries and lots of “What now?!!?!” and “helpppp”.

As more attendees trickled in, I noticed most of them were warming up and stretching so I followed suit. As the class began, we all did a few warm up exercises and stretches. Sitting in a circle of people who can do the splits while I can barely touch my own toes made me feel really out of place. It was actually intimidating. I kept thinking about how stiff I am and I’m definitely not flexible…so what the heck am I doing here? How am I supposed to hold myself up in the air? For a moment, I even started to wish I hadn’t come, but I had to see it through. Continue reading Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

Lamb and Beef Shish at Pera Turkish Kitchen

For the next few foodie blog posts, my goal is to visit more exotic restaurants. I’ve been b****** and moaning about my dissatisfaction with all these overpriced trendy restaurants, it’s about time I go in a different direction. Hidden gems is much more my interest anyway. Surprisingly, Addison/Carrollton have quite a mom and pop shops tucked away amongst the chain restaurants. The greatest challenge though is the difficulty in reviewing food I have no knowledge about.

For this particular foodie adventure, I grabbed dinner with a friend at Pera, a Turkish restaurant. It’s located off Preston and slightly north of Campbell Rd.

IMG_4731At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. Easily dismissible. The signage doesn’t exactly grab your attention. Walking in, the vibe was very relaxed. Pretty cool actually. Cozy and intimate, almost homey. You wouldn’t have expected it to look like that.  Pera is BYOB and the restaurant was slightly busy for midweek dinner. I hoped that was a good indication for the quality of food.

IMG_4733The service was very slow for us. Took a while to get drinks and even put in our orders. But no matter. I’m here for the food! The owner seemed really nice, if only a little distracted. Anyway, we started with a complimentary bread basket and a Turkish feta cheese dip. I wasn’t a fan of the feta dip, but I loved the bread. Slightly sweet with sesame seeds on top. Great to munch on while we waited for our food.

For the appetizer, we went for the Continue reading Lamb and Beef Shish at Pera Turkish Kitchen

Re-Review: Origin Kitchen and Bar

In a March blog, I raved about a fantastic new brunch spot called Origin Kitchen and Bar. I loved that they serve Cultivar coffee and the menu was interesting. The venue was small, but lively and it was a place I would recommend to anyone who wanted to brunch.

After so many months, I decided to revisit and brought some good friends with me. This particular morning I just wanted something I knew was going to be delicious and wasn’t quite in the adventurous mood for something new.

Chilaquiles from Origin Kitchen and Bar
Chilaquiles from Origin Kitchen and Bar

I’m heartbroken to say, I would never recommend this place. Ever. Again. I’ve taken it off my recommendations list for sure. Continue reading Re-Review: Origin Kitchen and Bar

Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

Recently, I’ve had this obsession with Pad Woon Sen, a Thai dish made up of stir fried glass noodles (made out of beans, not glass), a variety of veggies and meat (preferably shrimp for me).

Si Lom Pad Woon Sen
Si Lom Pad Woon Sen

So I’ve been on the search for the best in Dallas and I was recommended to visit three different places: Si Lom on Oak Lawn, Ruang Thai in Plano, and Malai Kitchen in West Village. Continue reading Who Serves Up the Best Pad Woon Sen?

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