Fitness Review: Cinco de Miler Race Day!

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I was not mentally prepared for this race. How many miles you ask? Just five. Don’t judge. I ended doing eight. I paid for five miles, really only intended to do three and had to dig deep just to do both the 5K and the 5miler. My mantra the whole time was “It’s only pain. No big deal. You can do it!”

The weather was perfect. Not too cold, not too hot. Unfortunately the race was a little disorganized. The Cinco de Miler intended to host both a 5K, a 5miler, and a Triple Nickle, which allows the runner to run both. Due to tons of miscommunication, the 5milers (all my friends and I) ran the 5K first only to find out at the end of the 3 miles, our race was next! Say what?! Since I was with a bunch of running addicts, I was dragged along to the 5 miler right after my 5K. OH man…I had to dig deep to get through it, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t wuss out.

This race was the following weekend after my Vegas trip. Up until that trip, my workouts were more about strength training and high intensity cardio, not endurance. My body isn’t at that awesome super human point where I can survive intense strength workouts only to run for miles right after. One day, I hope!

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At the end of the day, I had broken all my records and surprised myself. That’s just the 5K. This whole time I thought I was only at a slow 12 min mile, but I was able to maintain under 10 min miles for the most part of the 5K and these baby steps are what it’s all about. I haven’t run this much or this long in forever and I was able to break a lot of my speed records. I had a blast with friends who, despite being super runners, didn’t mind staying behind to cheer me on with promises of chicken biscuits and gravy. At the end of the first race, I heard someone say churros which gave me the motivation to sprint to the end and yell “Where my damn churros at?!!” Aspiring runner. Foodie at heart.


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