Barter is relaxed and classy

IMG_3033For a night cap, I checked out Barter. The whisky and scotch menu definitely intrigued me. For fun and for the indecisive, I went with the Bartender’s Choice.

I loved my personalized drink and it was so on point. After being asked a series of questions, I waited patiently for my craft cocktail.

IMG_3035I had a Whisky Flip. Creme de coco, egg, simple syrup, rye whisky, lemon juice and Ango Stura bitters. I am not a fan of super sweet drinks and I loved the subtlety of the whisky and appreciated the slight tang. Think middle point between something as sweet as an Old Fashion, but not as zippy as a Whisky Sour.

The fact that there was an egg in my drink and how perfect it was, was pretty amazing. Like, how did he know!?!?! I’ll be back. I want another and another and another…


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