Hatties in Bishop Arts District

Hattie’s was one the first restaurants to pop up in the Bishop Arts District years ago and I never got around to visit until this past weekend. I could totally kick myself for taking so long to venture out here. Anywho, foodie date with my awesome friend Jmak and here’s the skinny on what we got and how much we loved it:

Bacon Wrapped Fried Oysters
Bacon Wrapped Fried Oysters

Bacon Wrapped Fried Oysters: These little suckers were delicious. Perfect crunch in the bacon and anything wrapped in bacon is good. Only 5 to a plate but well worth it. So many flavors going on in each bite.  The horseradish cream drizzled on top is to die for. Brought it all together nicely.

Tomato Bisque w/ mini grilled cheese sandwich
Tomato Bisque w/ mini grilled cheese sandwich

Tomato Bisque: I am in constant search for the best tomato bisque and this cup was heaven. It wasn’t overly heavy. Creamy and sweet with the perfect amount of tang. The soup was not overpowering and felt like velvet with each spoonful. It comes with a small grilled cheese sandwich. I wish… they had chosen a different kind of bread. Something less chewy. Didn’t really want to work that hard for the comfort of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Pecan Crusted Catfish
Pecan Crusted Catfish

Pecan Crusted Catfish: Jmak got the catfish and described it as comfort food. The waiter said it is one of the premiere and popular dishes of the restaurant. I only had a bite and thought it needed a little more seasoning. The catfish came on a bed of mashed potatoes and some veggies. Slightly bland in my opinion.

Lamb Ragu
Lamb Ragu

Lamb Ragu: In lieu of the usual BLT Pasta, this night it was replaced with the lamb ragu. At first bite, it was amazing. Lots of flavors going on. I took a bite of just the grounded lamb meat and enjoyed the spices. It is a really heavy dish but still a winner. Made for great leftovers too. The small bit of micro greens and the chunks of cheese were small but noticeable additions that didn’t go unnoticed. I liked the bit of freshness from the greens and the cheesy-ness of the goat cheese(?) as it melted and folded into the pasta.

Four Cheddar Mac n Cheese: We got the half serving since we both were being huge fatasses. This is our way of conquering the menu as best as two stomachs can. The mac n cheese is pretty awesome. Cheesy, obviously. It was just some damn good stuff. Stop wondering and get this in your belly stat!

Overall, Hattie’s “American Bistro” offers great comfort food. It’s simple, not too over the top and just good food. Service is pretty attentive and I recommend getting a reservation. This place is more than just “likable” food. I think the prices are fair and you get your money’s worth.


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