Made a Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet!

My perfect valentines day is a box of Popeyes. That was last year. This year, it’s the premiere of House of Cards Season 2(anyone who spoils it for me will be shanked) and BK whoppers. A night in, cuddled up with Netflix and some burgers laid out in the shape of a heart…perfection!

Since my birthday was only two weeks ago, I figured it’s not really fair to have the boyfriend put on another extravagant event. I don’t need another fancy dinner or any grand gestures. Also, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about what guys need to do for their girls. I thought it would be nice to do something for him. A friend of mine  and I decided to plan our Valentine’s Day date and keep the boyfriends in the dark.

With the help of our awesome creative minds, i.e. YouTube, we decided to put together a candy bouquet of their favorite stuff. So basically for V-Day, I gave my boyfriend diabetes. Note the one protein bar shoved in there to alleviate my guilt. Such a fun project.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Don’t forget to tell your mommy you love her!


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