Like your coffee black? Hario Pour Over @ Sip Stir Cafe

Deep Fried Minute Review:I’m a coffee fiend!!! I love all kinds of coffees, but I am not at a point where I’ll just drink it black. I’m sure that is “the way” to drink coffee, but I need my cream and I definitely need my sugar. Either way, I love stopping at my favorite Sip Stir Cafe to try anything they’re offering. This time, I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and try their by-the-cup single brew coffee or what they call the Hario Pour over. Basically, the high end version of those Keurig single cup coffees. Same idea, cooler process. I’m no black-coffee only connoisseur, but I can appreciate the aromas of the beans and it warms you up. Definitely a must for you black soul, black only coffee drinkers. I’ll stick to my creme brulee lattes. Cheers!


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