My Birthday Celebration, pt 1

Last week was an incredible week. On Monday, I started my new job as a marketing coordinator and it has been so great. I’m thrilled to be working for this company and cannot wait to see our rebranding through to the end. Wednesday, Jan 29th was my actual birthday. I was so elated with my new job, I really didn’t plan on doing anything. I had been having such a great week, all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Plus, with my new schedule, I have to be in bed around 1030 in order to wake up well rested at 630am. There was no way this chick was going out.

Despite being tired, I let my boyfriend coax me into grabbing a drink at The People’s Last Stand, a craft cocktail joint in Mockingbird Station. It also didn’t hurt that he brought me some chocolate covered goodies. It turned out to be a small get surprise together with a few of my friends and it was absolutely perfect. I enjoyed a few lovely Moscow Mules. The bartenders did a great job in mixing my drink! Definitely felt very loved and special. Thank you to everyone who came out on a school night just for me!


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