Non-Review: Chang Jing Korean BBQ

I shan’t even try to review Korean food. I will get crucified by my Korean friends. They know their authentic from their not so authentic so…I’ll leave it at that. I’m Chinese and I am proud to say I like to eat the mediocre stuff because I can’t tell the difference.

This particular restaurant is Chinese/Korean owned. Chang Jing Korean BBQ does the job for me when I want some quick food. The good stuff is usually too far for me. You’ll find more Korean restaurants in K-Town off I-35 and Royal or in Carrollton. I got the combo seafood tofu soup with beef ribs and the pickled sides. The pancake is more of a seafood omelette that comes with a dark vinegar sauce. That’s as extensive as my Korean cuisine knowledge goes. I just know my belly is happy. I’ll do some recon and get back to you with better Korean choices! Stay tuned.


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