Katy Trail and Hypnotic Donuts

Running 4 miles in the morning. Done.
Eating delicious donuts and chicken biscuits. Done.
Ruin workout with donuts. Story of my life.

Went on a run this cold sunny Saturday morning with a group of friends. Had the lovely opportunity to bring a newbie and get her into the running addiction. It was great seeing everyone and definitely the best way to start the day. Dave also put everyone to work doing box jumps, lunges, and squats. Leg day! Progress!!!

Of course, after a good run, I’m hungry. I need food or I’ll pass out. The sick and twisted thing I love about running is how much more delicious my food and beer… er…water tastes. So my description of Hypnotic Donuts will be a bit biased because I was freaking starving and everything tastes better when you are on the verge of passing out.

Instead of hitting up the usual KT Ice House or Max’s Wine Dive because they were close, we decided to head toward the Lakewood/Lake Highlands area for some donuts and chicken biscuits. My friends have raved about the donuts and the chicken biscuits and I was eager to try something new.

The spot was pretty tiny and we got there before the line began forming out the door. I love the different selections they had for donuts and biscuits. I got the Mari Beth Chicken Biscuit, which is a huge sandwich with chicken, smothered in gravy and layered with tater tots. Apparently, the chicken is marinated for 24 hours before cooking and the huge biscuits are made in-house. The beauty to those biscuits is whatever magic they do to it, keeps the sandwich from crumbling into pieces while eating (think Chick Fil A chicken biscuits).

For fun, I ordered an apple fritter, regular glazed donut (if they screw up a glazed donut, it’s over), and a Canadian Healthcare donut. The apple fritter was pretty decent, but not overly amazing. I definitely enjoyed their glazed. It was dense and doughy and near perfection. I mean…if you are boasting donuts, you can’t screw up the original. The Canadian Healthcare, I got for kicks. It was a eclair with a maple icing smothered in syrup with a strip of bacon on top. It strangely worked well together. I didn’t hate it.

My friends also got a pistachio donut, The Breaking Bad donut, the Evil Elvis, and a few other deadly delicious donut creations. This is slightly pricier than other mom and pop donut shops, but rightly so for their creative variety. My specialty donuts ranged from $1.50+, while my glazed was $0.85. The chicken biscuits range from $6-$8, so it’s definitely not bad at all.


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