Ascension Coffee, Tea, and Wine?

Ascension Coffee was stop number two on my mini food tour of Dallas. The spot is located right off of Oak Lawn and I35, next to Meddlesome Moth in the Design District. Before even walking in, you already know this is NOT the place you can just trudge into wearing homeless looking clothes. Sorry, this is not 7-11.

We arrived during the lunch rush. It wasn’t too crowded. Based on the crowd, there were plenty of business people stopping by for bite to eat and sometimes a glass of wine. I would say Ascension draws in an older business crown and of course your pretentious intellectuals with their Mac books. Go figure.

I enjoyed a few drinks while chatting away. Ascension offers an assortment of sandwiches and salads in addition to coffee, tea, and wine. That’s right. Wine. Ascension is basically a cafe bar. Totally awesome in my eyes.

To start, I loved their Chai Latte. It was lightly sweetened and milky and it also had this interesting ginger kick to it. Very different and highly recommended. When it comes to coffees, I like a balance of cream and sweetness. I’m not an espresso only kind of girl. I was very happy with this latte.

Green Tea Garden
Green Tea Garden

To avoid caffeine overload, I wanted to try the teas. Ascension also served their teas in pots, just like Sip Stir Cafe, but there were fewer selections. I started with the Green Tea Garden. It is a green tea with berry flavors. The loose leaf batch included chamomile, hibiscus, sencha, cinnamon, corn flowers, and a few other things. It came highly recommended by the waitress, but after two sips, I had to send it back. Something about that sweet aroma and taste reminded me of watered down Children’s Tylenol. No thanks.

At this point, Ascension was 1 and 1. Loved the Chai Latte, hated the Green Tea Garden. The waitress was very sweet and offered to replace my tea with something else and I chose to go for the Singell Darjeeling tea. I think I chose it because the name was cool. Foreign means it should be good right? Ha!

Tea Time!
Tea Time!

I was definitely much happier with the Darjeeling. When it comes to teas, I love the smells of the tea leaves and for the most part, I take it as it is. I don’t add sugar or honey or anything else. Why dilute it right? The Singell Darjeeling is a black tea from India with honey tones. It’s a beautiful amber color and was my perfect cup of tea. I enjoyed my experience overall at Ascension coffee. Definitely a place to keep in mind for a night cap.



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