Live Music at Sip Stir Cafe: Ryan Berg

Do you ever happen to accidentally walk into something awesome? Tonight I did. I walked into my favorite cafe, Sip Stir Cafe, and it so happened to be their monthly live music event where they host a local artist for a couple of hours.

I’m no music aficionado. I mean I can barely write about food without using the words delicious and #getinmybelly, but I was really moved and impressed. What was a simple trip to get some yummy coffee and tea turned into a two hour private live music performance. Almost everyone in the cafe sat around the singer/musician, Ryan Berg, engaged and so immersed. I was quickly entranced by his voice. Every musician is unique, but Ryan’s voice had some lovely qualities that reminded me of my beloved John Mayer and Dave Matthews and just a little of something else. A little Ryan Berg.

I couldn’t stop listening. He did covers of songs intermixed with his own creations. I felt like I was sitting in San Fran somewhere experiencing that eccentric, struggling artist/possible up-coming star moment. So I hope.

While sipping on my apple lemongrass tea, I couldn’t wait to share this with you. Follow Sip Stir Cafe on Facebook. They host local artists and a part of the proceeds they make during their live show is given to the artist to help kick start their career. If you are looking for something different to do, please check this out and support our local talent!


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