Happiness is me! Ready to start a new chapter!

Two weeks ago I received an offer for a job that I happily accepted. I was in complete shock on the phone I almost forgot to say “Yes! I’ll take it”! Two weeks ago, I also formally resigned from my current company.

I’ve been working as a media buyer for over a year and today was my final day. It was definitely bittersweet to leave behind such great people, but I am equally excited to start the next chapter.

I will be a marketing coordinator for a company in Addison and I am thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I seriously almost passed out. Generation Y-ers are notorious for being entitled brats that expect things to be handed to them. I am glad to say I got this job all on my own merit and the feeling is incredible. I feel empowered and energized. Inspired. Anxious. Hopeful. Happy.

I’m probably going to say the word “excited” a hundred more times, but even after two weeks of knowing I got the job, I’m still elated (see what I did there? I used “elated” instead of “excited” muahaha). I can’t wait to just soak up everything I can learn and apply it. Teach me something and I can do it. Well…the only thing I was ever terrible at was being a waitress. Hey…we all have our weaknesses. Don’t judge.

The job description was totally cool. I’ll be doing everything I’ve always wanted. I’ll write and manage the social media marketing and the PR. I get to work with a team of great people I can’t wait to learn from and so much more.

My start date is on Jan 27th, two days before my birthday. Best birthday present ever. Anyway, wish me luck on this venture! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.


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