Run Baby Run!

My running buddy bailed one me today, but I had a great back up- Finn!! He is my friend’s dog and usually a reliable running buddy. But not today! The little booger was all over the place. You would think a good run would mellow him out, but today this cute puppy was on some doggie version of adderall. I was able to get in a few miles, but eventually gave up and had to turn back. 5K – I will be back for you. I’m really glad I braved the cold and made it out even though the daylight just went away.

I haven’t been as vigilant with my running as I should be. After spraining my ankle (twice!), I shied away from football and my ankles never felt strong enough for running. Hell, the muscle was so weak I couldn’t walk in heels. Who’dathunk I needed some serious ankle muscles to walk in stilts!??! I’m 5’1. I need the height!

After some hard work and dedication, my ankles are fine and I can’t wait to get better. Even though I’m slow as hell with my lovely 12 minute miles, that’s just my stepping stone to getting faster! Plus it doesn’t hurt when there’s beer at the end of my runs. ehehe…


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