Fried Chicken Galore!


So… when I have a bad day, and in this case a bad week, I eat chicken. I eat chicken when I am happy and definitely when I am stressed out. Popeye’s Tuesday special definitely hits the spot, but the best chicken in Dallas is from Rudy’s Chicken in Oak Cliff. My brother was kind enough to bring home a bada** feast of chicken wings from Rudy’s along with it’s pretty awesome Rudy’s sauce. There’s just something about the seasoning. I dub it crack chicken. The random hankering for this chicken you get sporadically is an indication of how awesome it is. Everyone must try it.

The city of Dallas just offered this ghetto fried chicken shack some money to renovate it’s run down little shack. I can’t wait to see what new additions that money can make. Hopefully there might actually be places to sit and eat as oppose to just picking up.



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