My Fitness Pal App rocks

Since I sprained my ankle and haven’t been able to run, I’ve resorted to calorie counting to keep from going insane. I can’t eat like a pig and not work out. That’s just unacceptable. It was a cold hard realization of how badly I eat when I started using this.

I was actually at dim sum with some friends when I downloaded this app. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Dim sum is like the Asian version of tapas, where Asian cuisine is served in small portions on small plates. A normal Sunday tradition amongst most of my friends and it makes gluttony very possible. After plugging in all my weight and goal info, I was limited to 1200 cals a day in order to maintain my weight. After logging in all items from dim sum, I clocked in 1300 calories. Just for lunch. Sad face.

The cool thing about this app is how many different foods are available to look up. It was depressing to see how badly I ate, but logging it took all the emotion out of eating and turned it into an accountable habit. Logging in my workouts adds calories back that I can consume. Almost like food credit and food debt. Ha!

When I am back to running and normal workouts, I am excited to see what results I can get with this app. It’s a free app and kind of addictive. You are what you eat.


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