Family Din Din @ Canton in Chinatown

The Fam Bam!
The Fam Bam!

After one hellacious day at work, I summoned what energy I had left to…pig OUT! My family decided to head to Canton, a Chinese restaurant in Richardson. It’s located in a block commonly known as little Chinatown. If you can’t tell by the captions, we have a love for seafood. Traditionally, we like to start off with a nice soup. Fish belly soup doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but it’s actually a favorite. Don’t think fish guts on your spoon or anything. You can’t really tell what’s in it. Appreciate that.

It’s not dinner unless it’s family style right? We proceeded to order about four or five dishes. My favorite was the cheesy fried shrimp. Fried anything with cheese is pretty popular. You’ll find “cheese lobster” on many Asian menus too. This cheese shrimp tasted like a holy version of a shrimp wrapped in a cheetoh.  Check out the pics. They speak for themselves. One thing to keep in mind: if Asian families eat there, you are pretty set for more authentic food. Be adventurous. The food may look intimidating, but it is glorious.


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